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Huhtikuu 23, 2012

8.1.2012 Happy New Year!
Wintertime keeps us on a slow-motion in dog activities; Toini and Väinö are in dog training schools obedience training-group, but that’s all, folks! It’s a great achievement to walk with all four dogs in daylight (Santtu’s retired and doesn’t take long walks). Luckily we got some snow so it’s more fun to go out.

Toini has her first heat, and it causes a bit of inconvenience for Velmu and Väinö… Velmu now lives in the guestroom upstairs. Väinö has his own room downstairs in the utility room. Now the only worry is to keep them away from Toini.

Santtu has her diabetes in good care, we inject insulin twice a day and the blood sugar stays in reasonable figures.

Pumba is doing fine, he has his own routines that he’s very strict about: for example a piece of breakfast bread every morning.

2.9.2011 Summer well spent
Newsflash: Väinö learned to swim, Velmu trained for basic retriever test and decided that he doesn’t like dead rabbits, Pumba passed his first test in water rescue (74 points, max 100 points) and can continue in the next class, Toini is growing fast and participated in her first show and Santtu is taking it easy.


Toini on her way to Actors Studio

(… and to Lipton’s question of her favourite curse word Toini would answer “Darn” ‘cos nice girls don’t swear…)

Pumba saving life in water rescue test

5.6.2011 Keeping up appearances…

… is hard work with this pack. Velmu and Väinö decided to see which one has bigger balls and they aren’t the best mates any more. We knew this day would come but not so soon.

Toini is developing nicely, she’s curious and happy and very fond of Väinö. She’s also very clever; if there’s a change that Väinö might win her in their fast wrestling/running games, she shrieks with loud voice! Drama Queen…

Väinö and Pumba started their water rescue trainings and Velmu has trained for the basic retriever test. Busy summer ahead!

18.5.2011 Greetings from Netherlands!

Going Bananas Under the Red Sky, “Toini”, moved from Smilde to Inkoo. She is very beautiful and smart and will bring us a lot of joy.

Other dogs were very surprised of this newcomer, Santtu as the oldest probably thought “Dear God, not a new toller, AGAIN…”.

Velmu is a sweetheart, he politely offered his best tennis ball to Toini “Wanna play?”

Väinö was first a bit upset, but when he had a peaceful moment together with Toini, he was totally happy of the little girl.

Pumba’s thoughts are a big secret and we’ll keep it that way for a while, ‘cos he’s The Boss and he needs time to think this over.


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